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Welcome to Children’s Ministry!

The Children’s Ministry, Preschool (ages 1-4) and Elementary Class (ages K-5) gathers each Sunday after Worship Time.

For more information and to join, please contact:


Children’s ministry will meet inside or outside, with a preference to meet outside, weather permitting. We recommend that elementary age children wear masks and be socially distanced inside and outside. Parents can continue to pick up their children on the CM playground/parking lot area in back. Any food or snacks served will be individually packaged/wrapped and eaten outdoors to allow social distancing or can be taken home.

If you would like to send your child with hand sanitizer or wipes, feel free to do so.  We will have it generally to distribute, but not for each individual child to have his/her own each week.

We will continue to transition to our Children’s ministry time after Worship.  The teacher that week will gather children and escort them to the meeting location each week like before.  We will encourage some walking space  between non-sibling children.


If you’d like to learn more about our programs or would like your child to attend please email us:  We would like to connect with you a bit more and can offer information about how your children can participate with us!


Pray with us for the children and youth

Join us for Daily Prayer at 12, Noon M-F and share and join us as we pray for your children!

Zoom Link to Join:

Zoom Meeting ID: 879 7468 8016

Phone: 669-900-9128



We are an evangelical, non-denominational church that believes in the Bible as the inspired word of God.  We know the power of prayer. We believe that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary as a miracle from God, he lived as fully God and fully man, died on the cross, and rose again allowing us to have a connection with God.  As a congregation we also stand firm on to Know God, display strength, and do exploits.   We believe that children and youth are included in this vision and that God has much for them to do in their areas of influence (at school, in their family lives, on their sports teams, in extra curricular activities, etc.).  Each Sunday we build into a foundational understanding of who God is, the good news of the gospel, and empower children and youth to hear and trust God in their everyday lives!


What to expect

We currently have three long-term VCF members who volunteer as teachers for the Children’s Ministry.  Each week these teachers take time to pray for children and their families as well as plan lessons that can include interactive games, video clips, Bible stories, praise/worship, and prayer.  Children range in age from 5 to 11 years old.  We have found that the children enjoy meeting, sharing, and seeing each other.  They are forming true friendships and community with each other as they learn and grow in their faith in Jesus.


For Parents with Preschoolers

The preschool room downstairs will be open for preschoolers and one of their parents.  Preschoolers do not need to be socially distanced, and we will leave it to the parents to decide whether their preschoolers are masked or not.  When preschoolers check into the room, their hands will be wiped with hand sanitizer and their temperature will be checked. A livestream of the worship service is available in the room for parents.


We will also have a station in the Narthex with coloring pages, crayons, and snacks for you to use as you wish with your preschooler.


If you would like to bring hand sanitizer or wipes for your preschooler, feel free to do so.  There will be some available in common areas, and any public spaces will be disinfected with Lysol spray.


Please enjoy these videos for your preschoolers.  They also are great for older ages!


Watch Animation Videos