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Covenantership in VCF has to do with being part of a covenant community that is called together in love by God to work His works, not as individuals alone, but as a company of people that are devoted to seeking God and ministering from His presence in fellowship with one another.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that may answer some questions you have about Covenantership. If you are interested in become a Covenanter, please contact Senior Pastor Michael Koh or a member of the Pastoral Ministries Team.



What is the process of becoming a Covenanter?

The process involves going through Covenantship Classes which are offered periodically. The process also involves getting to know VCF more and becoming known by others at VCF. After going through the Covenanters’ Classes, you will submit an application form and meet for an interview with a pastor who will answer any questions you might have. After the interview, you will receive a letter from the Pastoral Staff which finalizes the application process.



What purpose does formal Covenantership serve within Vision Christian Fellowship?

Covenantership serves to identify the committed community, the “community of troth,” the group of people who are banded together in seeking God to do his works here at Vision Christian Fellowship. We regard formal Covenantership in Vision Christian Fellowship as a distinction within the body between those who are attending VCF and those who have entered into a covenant commitment with the church.



Is Covenantership in Vision Christian Fellowship a life commitment?

No. Covenantership is only a one-year commitment. At the end of every calendar year current Covenanters will receive a renewal letter to once again sign and return if they so choose.



What if I have not been attending VCF for six months yet, but would like to become a Covenanter?

You are welcome to attend the Covenantership Class in order to learn more about the church and fulfill the class attendance requirement for Covenantership – but VCF will not accept applicants until the six-month participation phase has elapsed.