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The Safety We Long For
January 29, 2023
Isaiah 52, Genesis 12, Genesis 13
Michael Koh
From incongruence to righteousness
February 11, 2018
Jeehong Min
Genesis 15, 2 Timothy 3
Healing through spit and sending
February 4, 2018
Michael Koh
John 9
Let us go over on the other side
January 28, 2018
Michael Koh
1 Samuel 14
Awake the dawn
January 21, 2018
Michael Koh
Psalm 108
Do not say, I am only a boy
January 14, 2018
Rajeev Nandakumaran
Jeremiah 1, Mark 8

When the word of God comes, it takes you outside of yourself and what it actually does is it plants you in destiny. It s …

Night seasons and day seasons
January 7, 2018
Michael Koh
Acts 12, Psalm 108, Genesis 1, Psalm 92, Isaiah 26, 2 Kings 7

The night seasons are seasons in which God wants to renew us. Without too much thought about what the outcomes are, nigh …

Fervent prayer
December 31, 2017
Michael Koh
Acts 12

It’s clear that you can’t actually see and feel the tide of the Spirit until you battle through. Without this warfare, w …

For nothing will be impossible with God
December 24, 2017
Michael Koh
Luke 1
Come upon and overshadow
December 17, 2017
Michael Koh
Luke 1
Sowing the seed with tears
December 10, 2017
Sanjeev Nandakumaran
Psalm 126

Who is God giving you a burden for? Dr. Sanjeev Nandakumaran shares a word encouraging us to really pray for and ministe …

December 3, 2017
Michael Koh
Psalm 20
Established my goings
November 26, 2017
Michael Koh
Psalm 20, Psalm 40

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