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Breaking the Shell: Rooted – February 11, 2024
February 11, 2024
John 12
Michael Koh

Pastor Michael Koh preaches from John 12 in this sermon called Breaking the Shell: Rooted, on February 11, 2024.

The Way Determines the Destination
April 21, 2019
Rajeev Nandakumaran
John 14:1-10, John 18:1-9, Genesis 3:1-12

You may feel like you are losing control of your life or barely making it. Give your life to Jesus, and he will take you …

Knowing the Lord’s Visitation
April 14, 2019
Stephen Mubanga
Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-15
Speak Out Your Faith
April 7, 2019
Sanjeev Nandakumaran
Mark 8:40-56
Come Forward
March 31, 2019
Michael Koh
Mark 3, Psalm 68
Seeing Seed Become Fruit in the Long Game
March 24, 2019
Michael Koh
Psalm 65:1-11, Psalm 67:1-7, 1 Samuel 1, Psalm 34
Making Progress through Little No’s and Little Yes’s
March 17, 2019
Jeehong Min
1 Samuel 2-3, 2 Kings 5:9-14
Trajectory of the Long Game
March 10, 2019
Michael Koh
Psalm 78, 1 Samuel 17
The Long Game
March 3, 2019
Michael Koh

God has a plan for our lives. He has a destiny for us. God is in the long game. He is our God from now until the day we …

Crossing the Battle Line
February 24, 2019
Michael Koh
1 Samuel 17, Isaiah 60

The battle line separates the safe place in our lives from the enemy, the battle, and the place where we will encounter …

The New 10 Year Challenge
February 17, 2019
Rajeev Nandakumaran
1 Kings 19, Luke 9, Matthew 11, 2 Kings 2

We often want to look back and compare our present situation with where we were 10 years ago. But God is more interested …

Into the Mud
February 10, 2019
Michael Koh
2 Kings 4

What do I do when my depression persists? Is God enough for depression? What do I do when my poverty persists? What abou …

A Deep Room
February 3, 2019
Michael Koh
2 Kings 4

All of us want to do great things, but we don’t all have the depth to do them. It is in the deep room, the consecrated t …

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