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The Safety We Long For
January 29, 2023
Isaiah 52, Genesis 12, Genesis 13
Michael Koh
Making Progress through Little No’s and Little Yes’s
March 17, 2019
Jeehong Min
1 Samuel 2-3, 2 Kings 5:9-14
Trajectory of the Long Game
March 10, 2019
Michael Koh
Psalm 78, 1 Samuel 17
The Long Game
March 3, 2019
Michael Koh

God has a plan for our lives. He has a destiny for us. God is in the long game. He is our God from now until the day we …

Crossing the Battle Line
February 24, 2019
Michael Koh
1 Samuel 17, Isaiah 60

The battle line separates the safe place in our lives from the enemy, the battle, and the place where we will encounter …

The New 10 Year Challenge
February 17, 2019
Rajeev Nandakumaran
1 Kings 19, Luke 9, Matthew 11, 2 Kings 2

We often want to look back and compare our present situation with where we were 10 years ago. But God is more interested …

Into the Mud
February 10, 2019
Michael Koh
2 Kings 4

What do I do when my depression persists? Is God enough for depression? What do I do when my poverty persists? What abou …

A Deep Room
February 3, 2019
Michael Koh
2 Kings 4

All of us want to do great things, but we don’t all have the depth to do them. It is in the deep room, the consecrated t …

Being Up for It
January 27, 2019
Michael Koh
1 Samuel 14

How do we move from an intellectual, abstract knowledge of God to an intimate knowledge of God and His power to transfor …

Forgiveness: the Door to Freedom and Reconciliation
January 20, 2019
Stephen Mubanga
Genesis 50

We may have been abused, hurt, or disappointed by others in ways that have caused us great harm. As a result, we may car …

Inhabiting the Reality of God
January 13, 2019
Michael Koh
2 Kings 5

Many people are not willing to be committed to experiencing the power, presence, reality and wisdom of God. They are wil …

Following the Movement of God
January 6, 2019
Michael Koh
Luke 18

The Kingdom of God comes as a seed. If you can detect the seed when it is small, and you grow it, you will see the seed …

Ten were cleaned; one was made well
December 30, 2018
Michael Koh
Luke 17

As we enter 2019, we may feel nowhere nearer our destiny and the goodness of God. When we think of tomorrow’s prospects …

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