Shepherds Prayer The Gathering Sunday Service
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Islands of Safety
May 15, 2022
Luke 4, Psalm 95
Michael Koh
Ten were cleaned; one was made well
December 30, 2018
Michael Koh
Luke 17

As we enter 2019, we may feel nowhere nearer our destiny and the goodness of God. When we think of tomorrow’s prospects …

Preparing for Immensity
December 23, 2018
Michael Koh
Luke 1

Christmas tells us that God is not going from us; He is coming to us. We have to know how to respond to His coming. If w …

Born Unto You
December 16, 2018
Michael Koh
Luke 2

Many of us may feel so far from Him, so far from joy, that there is a crumbling that has taken place. We may feel barren …

Awakening the servant of the Lord
December 9, 2018
Jeehong Min
1 Samuel 17

We are called to be servants of God. Our ultimate purpose in life is to be His servant, not just a successful version of …

No word of God is devoid of power
December 2, 2018
Michael Koh
Luke 1

When God speaks a Word to you, it has power. No word uttered by God is devoid of power. It is filled with God himself. T …

Do not fear, do not be anxious
November 25, 2018
Michael Koh
Matthew 1, Philippians 4
Casting a Godly Vision
November 18, 2018
Sanjeev Nandakumaran
2 Kings 6

A godly vision really has to come from God. The Greek word for “vision” is órama, which means a sight divinely granted. …

Encountering God face to face
November 11, 2018
Michael Koh
Psalm 34, Psalm 97, 2 Chronicles 20, Deuteronomy 32

In some ways, our fears are a result of more than just fearful things. They are a result of the fact that we are not den …

The power of the words we speak
November 4, 2018
Stephen Mubanga
Numbers 14

“There is power in the words that we speak. We speak them today, and tomorrow they will manifest. We need to be very car …

Nets that catch without breaking
October 28, 2018
Rajeev Nandakumaran
John 21, Luke 5

We may sometimes feel that God needs us. We strive to do all these things for God and others, thinking we originate ever …

Faith activates the present
October 21, 2018
Michael Koh
Hebrews 11, John 11

Hope is an anchor to the soul, but faith is an activator of the present. Hope is lousy for now. What’s needed for now is …

I will be with you
October 14, 2018
Michael Koh
Exodus 4

“Our problem in America is that we don’t want to look bad. What God wants to do is to cause the ugly and the misshapen t …

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