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The Portal

Will return in the Fall! 


The Portal is an interactive gathering, with the intention of allowing people to discuss and process God in their lives.  It is designed for those who do not come from a Christian background, but seek to understand more about the God of the Bible.  The heart of the Portal can be described in a few words: You belong before you believe.  The only goal is for people to have an interaction with God, and for the talks and small group time to help facilitate what Jesus is already doing in peoples’ lives.  We believe that art and aesthetic help usher people into what can be often categorized as mysterious.  Christianity can feel far away from an average “non-churchgoer.”  The Portal seeks to be the entry point to a world that could potentially change a person’s life.  It is all about each person, individually.  Everyone matters and everyone has the choice to jump into the promises that God has for them.


Prayer Meetings

Sundays at 9am in Junior High Classroom  
Sundays at 5pm in the Chapel

Every other Friday at 6:30pm in the Chapel (see calendar for upcoming dates)


Join us as we seek the Lord in prayer together.





Various classes and trainings are offered throughout the year. Classes and seminars may span just one session or up to 8 sessions over 2 months. Attending classes and trainings is a great way to go deeper with what VCF has to offer and to connect with others at VCF. Most classes and trainings have a teaching component and a small group component, during which you will be able to discuss, share, and pray with others.


Listen to Past Classes Online





The Gathering

Thursdays at 7pm in the Chapel


Join us for small groups and Bible teaching.