The Portal

2nd Wednesdays of the month 
6:30pm in our Chapel


Have questions about God? Want to get to know God better? Join others who are also seeking to encounter God.


Prayer Meetings

Sundays at 9am in Junior High Classroom  
(downstairs, through the kitchen to the back hall) & 

5pm in the Chapel. Every other Friday at 7pm in the Chapel.


Join us as we seek the Lord in prayer together.





Various classes and trainings are offered throughout the year. Classes and seminars may span just one session or up to 8 sessions over 2 months. Attending classes and trainings is a great way to go deeper with what VCF has to offer and to connect with others at VCF. Most classes and trainings have a teaching component and a small group component, during which you will be able to discuss, share, and pray with others.


Listen to Past Classes Online




Thursday Night Bible Study

April 11, 2019 at 7:30pm in the Chapel


Join us for a Bible Study Series taught by Stephen Mubanga. We will learn about how we can experience God’s fullness in our life in the Church, the Body of Christ.





Other Gatherings

Check back here to see what other group activities we have going on, such as sports day or game night.