What to Expect

Considering a visit to VCF?  Watch a two minute video about what to expect.

During each Sunday service, we worship God through singing, partaking in communion, listening to the preaching, and prayer.  Dress is casual, and you may want to bring a pen and paper for taking notes during the preaching.  There are 4 main components to our Sunday services:


Adults, youth, and children worship together in the sanctuary.  Families with children are encouraged to sit in the front right of the sanctuary where children can make a joyful noise unto the Lord with various instruments.  After worship, children head downstairs for Children's Ministry.


After worship, adults and youth are invited to partake in communion.  After communion, youth also head downstairs for Youth Ministry.


Each Sunday, we believe that God speaks to us through His Word, a message based on Scripture. 

Ministry Time

After the sermon, we have a time of worshipful response, to reflect on how God is speaking to us and working in our lives.  Those who want someone to pray for them or with them may come to the front of the sanctuary to receive prayer.

After service, various members of the Pastoral Ministers Team will be available in the back of the sanctuary and narthex to meet visitors and anyone who wants to learn more about the church.  For more information, go to the Connect page.