"A God who heals" from Armi

At the beginning of November 2010, Grant shared a word during a 70 Cohort meeting that he felt that the Lord was releasing a ministry of healing to us.  He challenged us to believe God for something we haven’t seen before in healing.  In the past when I’ve prayed for healing for people, even though I can say that at times God has indeed answered my prayers, I realized that there was a certain underlying dread I felt whenever someone mentioned to me that they had an ailment or sickness.  Sometimes the dread was so heavy that even though I felt I should, I wouldn’t offer prayer.  My dread was two-fold:  I was afraid that God wouldn’t answer my prayers (and I would look like a fool) and I worried that the person I prayed for would have less faith in God after my prayer if he or she weren’t healed.  

The following Monday, an acquaintance of a friend from church called me and asked if I could pray for her and some issues that were coming up with her daughters.  I agreed and we all met to pray that evening.  While the woman was sharing about various struggles, she casually mentioned that she was unemployed because of a problem she was having with her knee.  In fact, her knee was causing her so much pain that she couldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes and also couldn’t stand for very long.  She was scheduled to have surgery at the beginning of December.  I remembered Grant’s word from Saturday and even though it wasn’t the original reason she had asked me to pray for her, I announced that we would pray for her knee and felt a certain surge of excitement that maybe this was the beginning of the release of a ministry of healing Grant spoke of.  We prayed for quite a while for many things and God seemed to be releasing healing to her in many areas of her life.  At the end of the prayer time I asked her how her knee felt.  She was surprised because she said it didn’t hurt and we had been sitting for over 30 minutes.  She got up and started twisting it all around saying it actually felt good.  Her face was joyful. My friend and I were amazed!   I saw this woman again a couple of months later and she reported that her knee was still doing well.  This was the first time I had seen a super-clear connection between prayer and a healing.  

A couple of weeks later I had the opportunity to pray for my sister’s baby who was born two months premature.  As a result of being born so early, she was regularly having apnea where she would “forget” to breathe and would turn blue.  As you can imagine, this was very distressing to my sister and her husband.  After Thanksgiving, I went to visit my niece at the hospital and felt led to pray for healing for her apnea.  I just connected with my sister this morning.  Her baby was able to go home from the hospital a month earlier than expected.  My sister told me that after I prayed for her baby that she didn’t have any more apnea spells.   Praise God!

A couple of weeks later, my husband went to Berkeley to speak at a conference.  He called me in the morning because he woke up with conjunctivitis (both of my boys had conjunctivitis over the weekend).  One of his eyes was red and painful.  Because of his schedule, he wasn’t going to be able to get medication before he had to make his presentation.  I prayed for him and his presentation over the phone.  When he got home from the conference, he told me that the redness and swelling in his eye had almost disappeared completely by the time he gave his presentation.  Praise God again!

I feel that God has released to me a new confidence in his healing power.  Moreover, God has been strengthening my understanding that he is a powerful God who desires to heal his people and love us deeply through the daily pains and difficulties of life.        

~ Armi