"God makes a way" from Steve

July 27, 2009 I was laid off from at Huntington hospital.  A separation package was offered but for reasons of conscience I did not sign the agreement and left with no severance pay.  Huntington did set me up with an organization which helps people find new jobs.  This helped some, but it was difficult to stay motivated after a few promising leads fell through and it seemed nothing was opening up.

I continued to work a few hours a week at another position, while collecting unemployment but overall was making less than half the money I had been making.  Brenda & I wondered how we’d be able to keep paying the rent.   We cut back some, but this was not easy since already felt squeezed before the layoff. 

During this time I was also meeting with a group of unemployed professionals through the unemployment office.  There I gained some encouragement and built up a few skills.  Yet, I also began to realize that it’s hard to find work through others who are also looking for work.  

Around the end of June 2010 I learned unemployment benefits were going to be discontinued and Congress might not reinstate them.  With Grant and Brenda’s strong encouragement I spent less time at the unemployment office and began looking more in earnest for any kind of work.  I applied for sales work, construction, painting as well as looking for other ministry positions.  

Then “out of the blue,” one year, one week and 5 days after being laid off, I got a call from Randy Boer.  Randy told me that a friend of his who I had met before told Randy that a chaplain position was opened at Mission Hospice.  They were ready to offer this position to someone else, but they were open to interviewing one more candidate.  I called and was asked to come in that same afternoon.  The interview went very well.  The director said I was the best qualified candidate that they had.  He said if all worked out I should hear from him within 24 hours.  That was 4:30 PM on Thursday.  Friday, Brenda and I waited and prayed.  4:30 came and went.  At 5:30 my cell phone rang.  It was the director.  He offered the position, I accepted.  He asked if I could start the following Tuesday.  My answer, “Yes!”

Again it had been over a year and I did not know how we could make it on the money that I had coming in.  Yet month after month God provided, sometimes in totally unexpected ways.  

Four months in my new work has challenged and invigorated me.  God provided a great team of people to work with.  Areas in my life that had been blocked are beginning to open up.  One key to moving forward has been holding on to the fact that God has provided this job and that it is really His work. I’m learning more to step forward in the confidence that He alone (and not any circumstances I face) is Lord, He does make a way in the deserts of life!  Praise God!

~ Steve