Classes and Seminars

Various classes and seminars are offered throughout the year.  Classes and seminars may span just one session or up to 8 sessions over 2 months.  Attending classes and seminars is a great way to go deeper with what VCF has to offer and to connect with others at VCF.  Most classes and seminars have a teaching component and a small group component, during which you will be able to discuss, share, and pray with others.

Below are some classes and seminars that are offered throughout the year.  Please look at the Upcoming Events and Calendar sections of the website for specific dates.

Hearing from God in the scriptures

  • Introduction to Devotions
  • Intermediate Devotions

Christian Foundations

  • Discipleship Class 1 - The Normal Christian Life
  • Discipleship Class 2 - Life in the Body


  • Praying after the Spirit
  • Praying for the Land


  • Thriving at Work
  • Thriving as Families
  • Thriving as Singles

Recordings of previous classes and seminars are available at our Classes Archives page.