Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "Vision" in Vision Christian Fellowship stand for?

To fulfill God's purpose - to know Him, display strength, and take action - that all may experience His transforming power and do His works.  Please see Vision and Mission for more information.

Does VCF belong to a certain denomination?

No, VCF is a non-denominational church.  Please see our Statement of Faith for more information about what we believe.

Does the church offer programs for children and youth?

Yes!  Children and youth are an important part of our church family.  Children and youth are dismissed for their own classes partway through the worship service.  Please see the Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry pages for more information.

How can I get connected to a deeper community at VCF?

We offer classes and seminars at various times throughout the year.  Please see Classes and Seminars for more information.

There are also small groups that meet throughout the week.  Please see Small Groups for more information.

If you've been attending VCF for at least 6 months, we also encourage you to consider becoming a Covenanter.  Please see Covenantership for more information,

I'd like to serve the church. Are there any ministries I can be involved in?

We are so glad you want to serve at VCF!   You can speak to a member of the Pastoral Ministers Team to discuss how you can be involved in a ministry. 

I heard your church has offices and classroom for rent.  Who should I contact?

Yes, we have offices and classrooms for rent.  Please go to the Contact Us page and send a message to "Building & Rentals."

Do you have other administrative or building staff besides the pastoral staff?

Yes, we have a great administrative and building staff under the supervision of Armi Sippel (admin and office staff) and Leigh Smyth, our Building Manager .  They are Christina Malunao (bookkeeper and office support), Cristina Ramirez (custodian), and Eric Madden (building maintenance and repairs).